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It is not by accident that you found yourself here. Welcome to The Order of Curiosities, we are an organization that tracks and hunts everything magical and peculiar. The idea of “magic” and the paranormal is deeply misunderstood and undocumented - as a result it is easily dismissed by the general public.  While it’s mostly lost to time, remnants of it still manifest itself around the world.

Through our investigations we have encountered and documented many places, objects and even individuals with unexplained capabilities. We’ve learned that many stories, myths and legends were more accurate than we could ever imagine. It is both an exciting and a scary thought.

Now, whoever led you here, trusted you enough to be of help to our cause. The more you contribute to our cause - the more you’ll be trusted with our findings and our operations. You can start by browsing the archives and feel free to register with the Correspondence Department at the bottom of the page to receive further communications.



The Order of Curiosities is a world building art and graphic design project where we explore the themes of mystery, secret societies and magic. We’ll create an indepth visual representation of a whole new universe riddled with different settings, places, items, characters, stories & interactions. Inspired by the work of many graphic artists creating graphic props for movies, books, theatre, games and more.

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A semi-annual, travelling carnival of twisted entertainment full of indulgence, mystery and play. Themes observed are often in a form of mockery of human habits and behaviours.

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Sting Industries works to maintain their control over the magic, using their vast resources to stop the work of rebellious groups to keep their secrets hidden from the world.


A shop run by Tomas Wanderlei – a maker and purveyor of exquisite wands that are speculated to harness dark powers.

Wander InWander In

The library of the order houses a collection of books, periodicals, films and recorded music in relation to the magical universe.


Reciting the events that took place in the late 19th century in the fallen city of Petrogradia. The story carries heavy importance as it is the origins of a speculated magical item called "The Petrogradian Curse".

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Stashbury is the only legal bank that currently exists in this magical universe. The bank is a self-governed entity and has been often criticized for it's unethical practices.


A monthly newspaper release with the latest news, stories and all things for the world of curiosities.

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An ungoverned organization that fulfills discrete and secure mailing obligations for all its members. "Works like magic."

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Gildagard Herbarium

Gildagard Herbarium has a long standing reputation for providing the highest quality herbs & roots for all your alchemy and brewing needs.

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Santiagos Apothecary

A family run vendor for a plethora of medicine and remedies for all your magical needs and conditions.

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Bizentines Shady Goods

An underground vendor of shady goods. Persecuted multiple times by the court of the magical society for selling highly illegal goods.

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Interested in owning a piece of the story? Take a look inside the shop for all the interpretations of the art and designs that we create for this project. Maybe there is something that sparks your curiosity. Something that would be worth holding on to or gifting to a friend.


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