Sting Industries works to maintain their control over the magic, using their vast resources to stop the work of rebellious groups to keep their secrets hidden from the world.

S.T.I.N.G Industries

Under the guise of just another magical guild with positive intentions to bridge the gap between the magical and the ordinary world - S.T.I.N.G Industries was formed in the late 19th century by a group of outcast wizards. Operating as a research & development corporation that creates "breakthrough technological solutions" they would make their fortunes by selling magic solutions to non-magical people of power, including corporations and governments.

As time went on, S.T.I.N.G Industries developed an ideology that they alone should control all the magic in the world. They began a witch-hunt against other witches and wizards, leading to an almost complete eradication of the magical society. They became feared and powerful, with their influence spreading far and wide.

However, there were those who opposed S.T.I.N.G Industries and their oppressive ways. Two wizards by the names Waldek Sindica & Nicola Lumina tried to start a rebellion in the hopes to build a secret society dedicated to the restoration of the magical world in a fair and equitable manner. They worked tirelessly to uncover the truth about Sting Industries in an effort to rally the remaining witches and wizards to a fight against the tyrannical organization before the end of all magic. However the efforts of those heroes were constantly thwarted by the organization's resources and power.

Despite those efforts, S.T.I.N.G Industries remained a dominant force, always seeking to stamp out any opposition to their rule. They worked tirelessly to persecuted anyone who was still using magic as well as those who wished to teach or learn how to harness their magical gifts.

And yet, even today, there are whispers of a rebirth of a small but motivated group of witches and wizards and re-instatement in their fight agains S.T.I.N.G Industries, seeking to restore the magical world to its former glory and bring balance to a world that is still struggling to come to terms with the reality of magic. Whether they will succeed remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: the fight for control of the magic will continue, for as long as there are those who seek to wield its power for their own gain.

STING Industries Headquarters, Luxembourg, (circa ~1920)
Identification Card for all members & employees of S.T.I.N.G Industries
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