The library of the order houses a collection of books, periodicals, films and recorded music in relation to the magical universe.

The Library

The original magical library, once a hub of magical knowledge and power, has been left in ruins for many years. But now, a group known as the Order of Curiosities is on a mission to restore it to its former glory. The Order is composed of a dedicated group of scholars, wizards, and adventurers who believe that preserving the knowledge contained in the library is vital to the survival of the magical world.

The library's restoration is a daunting task, as many of the books and artifacts were lost or scattered during a time when magic was nearly eradicated from the world in the late 19th century. The Order of Curiosities must track down these missing pieces of knowledge and bring them back to the library to be catalogued and protected. This often involves venturing into dangerous and uncharted territories, as some of the books are guarded by powerful creatures and forces.

Despite the challenges, the Order remains steadfast in their mission. They believe that the knowledge contained in the library is too valuable to be lost forever, and that by restoring it, they can help to preserve the magic that still exists in the world. The Order sees the library as a symbol of hope, a beacon that shines in the darkness and reminds people of the incredible power and wonder that magic can bring. However it will undoubtedly reveal all the darkness that led to the near destruction of the magical world.

As the Order of Curiosities continues their work, the library slowly begins to come back to life. Books are arranged on shelves, artifacts are displayed in glass cases, and the knowledge of the magical world is once again being shared and studied. Though the road ahead is long, the Order remains optimistic and determined, knowing that their efforts will help to secure the future of the magical world for generations to come.

The latest version of "The Code of Conduct" outlines all current laws and regulations for conduct within and outside of the Magical Society.
In his book Nort Murmanhart speculates about the existence of three magical masks that were created by a man once able to bend and persuade minds. The authenticity of these claims are still under question within the Magical Societ. Murmanhart speculates that the individual has travelled around the world to learn dark secrets of mind bending from worlds most notorious criminals, rulers and figures in power.
Tales of the Soothsayer and his hermit residency among the wild. By Zevrea Indovino, circa 1843.
First instalment of "The Talismans of Today" By Scarlet King. Depicting a 13 years worth of research and findings surrounding real and speculated existences of magical talismans.
Reuben Rielys' diary circa 1898. The diary is filled with Rielys' investigations into an underground organization that bred and exploited magical creatures in eastern europe. Riely was falsely executed by the government for suspicions of treason and collusions with other governments.
"Hearing Whispers from The End" - author unknown, circa 1913
"Infamous Werewolves" By Markus Wolfowitz. The book recites stories of infamous werewolves of the past century.
"The Wizarding Archetypes" By Sera Sieher. An overlook of different identifiable wizarding archetypes.
"The Complete Beginners Guide to Witchcraft" by Melanie Fiddles & Jaybird Bruekelen. An introductory book to start practicing magic.
"Still Hearing Whispers" - volume 2 & a sequel to "Hearing Whispers from the End", author unkown, circa 1929


'Forbidden Maledictions'
'Keeper of the Seven Inks'
'The Beast Theatre'
'Compendium of Shady Goods'

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