A semi-annual, travelling carnival of twisted entertainment full of indulgence, mystery and play. Themes observed are often in a form of mockery of human habits and behaviours.
This event has breached numerous codes of conduct of the magical society. Please visit at your own risk.

Carnival Of Rust

The Carnival of Rust is a place of twisted entertainment, where the themes observed were often in the form of mockery of human habits and behaviours. The carnival's intention was to open the eyes of the visitors to the wrong things they were doing in life, to show them the error of their ways and to lead them down a path of self-reflection and growth.

Visitors to the carnival could expect to see all manner of strange and fantastical acts, from acrobatics and magic shows to bizarre sideshows and twisted games of skill and chance. But, despite the excitement and spectacle, there was a dark undercurrent to the carnival that made it a place of mystery and danger.

For those who wished to see and accept their wrong way of life, the Carnival of Rust offered a wealth of opportunities for indulgence and self-discovery. Visitors could partake in all manner of forbidden pleasures, from decadent feasts and wild parties to darker, more dangerous pursuits.

But, for those who did not wish to see their wrong way of life, the carnival had nothing to offer. It would instead mock their ignorance, showing them the harsh realities of their choices and the consequences that would inevitably follow.

And so, every time the Carnival of Rust appeared, the people would flock to it, seeking out the strange and wondrous experiences that only it could provide. And, even as they indulged in the carnival's twisted entertainment, they would find themselves being changed, in ways both small and profound, by the lessons it taught them about life and the world around them.

An Unwelcome Welcome

(a message from the creator to the staff of the carnival)

Jeremiah Fraus also known as "The Creator", is the mastermind behind the Carnival of Rust.


Amused and pleased he made his way
All through the carnival of rust
Indulged in pleasure, fun and play
This place has offered all it’s lust.

He paid attention to the scene,
No remnants to a spec of dust.
This place was sparkling and pristine,
This made no sense -The name’s unjust.

So why the name that it was given?
To find the answer he was tasked.
He then observed a frowning figure
He made his way, leaned in and asked.

A trembling voice replied, ashamed:
“The truth might hurt, but if you must.
After the people it was named.
Like weathered ore, they are the rust.”

The Maestro is an entertainment act by a young unknown violinist that mesmerizes the crowds at the Carnival with his weeping violin. Each melody is beyond just sound and music, it often invokes the deepest feelings in the listener.
Vangelia is one of the most famous fortune tellers of the 21st century. She is a current resident entertainer and vendor at the Carnival of Rust.
Drawing Inspiration
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